Everything on this disc is as original and unique as they come, which just can’t be said for a lot of the records topping the charts right now. – The Indie Source

There are a lot of really credible songwriters making powerful music at the moment … this guy’s most recent release is a compilation of color and creativity that would be tough for even the most accomplished of players to compete with. – Music Existence

The singer-songwriter’s contemplative and profound new album offers a thoughtful and quirky insight into his thoughts and views on love, and the lengths people must take in order to preserve those romantic connections in an ever-changing world. – Shock Ya!

I feel the work of Greg Roensch is inspiring, and inspires one to think and sing along, maybe not out loud, but inward, in our own holy chorus, one where our inner angels and demons sing together in raptured disharmony. – IndiePulse Music

Each song creates a gentle and satisfyingly human take on Roensch’s subject matter, which is ruminative and delicate and a little bit trippy. It’s distinct and idiosyncratic, and I dig it for that. – Stereo Stickman

‘Nobody But You,’ a tantalizingly soft tune, is reminiscent of Bob Dylan, elusively familiar yet wonderfully original. – Rawckus


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